In my working life, I have met people with very different levels of knowledge and diverse skills. We have implemented a wide variety of projects together. We celebrated success and gained experience together in small and large, local and global projects.

I have experienced the great effect of exposure when brands and their messages are emotionally charged by the sports environment as a project supervisor, as a fan and athlete alike.

Because of this, I look forward to continuing my successful cooperation with top brands on different platforms.

I have compiled a selection of topics and projects that hold a special place in my life and my work below.

Christian Pankratz


The most exciting thing is that all other activation components are based on good branding. It determines media reach and the audience perception on site.

The most fascinating thing is that one of the oldest marketing fields still turns up effective branding opportunities and options for optimization, even in the world of professional sports and marketing. Digitalization in particular is a great opportunity in the development of innovative branding approaches.

Branding and CI are not just my professional work. They are my greatest passion at the same time. This has given me a keen sense of global innovative branding in x-media and has led to eye-catching branding measures.


The most exciting thing is that traditional tennis is the number-one individual sport in the world, with over a billion fans. It also is the only sport represented both in global media and year-round, which increases its attraction for global brands.

The most fascinating thing is that tennis meets the zeitgeist and gender equality better than any other sport. Men and women are equally distributed both among the athletes and their fans. Media relevance and attention, along with the prizes offered in professional competitions, reflect this as well.

My professional relationship with tennis goes back to 2000, when I started my long-term support of the global ATP sponsorship of Mercedes-Benz. Activation of topical tournaments such as the Laver Cup, as well as equipping the ATP, WTA, ITF and AELTC with net-signs have established a close connection to professional tennis for me that continues to this day.

In addition, the development and production of the patented and world’s only double-sided branded tennis net for ATP, WTA and ITF (Billie Jean King Cup + Davis Cup) are a unique selling point of Brandery XM.


The most exciting thing is that golf, more than nearly any other sport, lets premium brands be authentic and relevant in the target group’s lifestyle environment.

The most fascinating thing is that golf allows nearly ANYTHING. The design options for brand exposure and activations in golf are just as diverse as the sport is. Opportunities cover professional and amateur levels, major and club tournaments, sponsorship and ownership, awareness and loyalty, image and sales, classically traditional and innovative-funky, global and local measures alike.

In have worked in golf marketing for more than 10 years and work on nearly any activation available in golf, from development and implementation of customer care series, to activation of European-Tour and Major events, to supervision and mediatization of golf brand ambassadors.


The most exciting thing is the vast media attention, the global reach and the heroes sports bring about again and again.

The most fascinating thing is that sports connect people, teach values and deeply affect our lives and actions. Sports continually grow in relevance for modern-day brands because of this.

The power of sports even beyond media attention and the offer spectrum is has for people and brands became evident to me in several CSR projects in which I was actively involved. Projects for the Deutsche Sporthilfe and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation were some among these.